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Discover the version of Virtual Business Cards and share your professional information in an eco-friendly way.

Why Virtual Business Cards

Create good looking Virtual business cards and share them with anyone, near or far. Recipients can save in their contacts.

Environment Friendly

Using No Paper - No need to order paper cards which can be lost easily.

Share your card to anyone

Easily Share your card to anyone near or far.

Treated as mini-website

Virtual card comes with your important information which you can modify easily

They will never lose your card

Most paper cards are usually go to trace after few days. They can save your card into their contacts so it will never lose.

How It Work?

Step 1

Purchase your card

Step 2

You will receive Email with Login Link. Login to your dashboard.

Step 3

Upload your content.

Step 4

At the end click on “Generate Your Card”. A link will be generated. We will verify the design after you upload content and notify you via email.

Step 5

Once you receive your final link, you can put that on your phone’s home screen for further share.

It's Easy, Faster, Accurate and Targeted.

Now a days we all are used to with using virtual stuff. Everyone's goal behind transferring business card to someone is to give your contact information to someone. When anyone receives a business card from anyone, they just put it in the pocket or may loose. Very few cards might be going to its targeted place which is contacts of the phone for future reference.

Update your content in real time

SMART Contact Transfer

The new options allow you to share your digital business card via text, whatsapp or email.

  • >> Manage your contact details from one single place.
  • >> Write short introduction of your business

Pricing Plan

All cards come with unlimited changes, custom content, Free Hosting, Unique Link

Popular Plan

Feature to upload your details, logo, photo. Unlimited changes allowed through your dashboard. Comes with our branding on top and bottom.

$80.00 +HST (Per Year)



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